A.     What is KommuAssist?

KommuAssist is a Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) to enable Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) features. The system consists of plug and play hardware that runs AI model software (BukaPilot). KommuAssist can be installed into compatible and supported motor vehicle models in Malaysia.

B.     Can I drive handsfree and legsfree with KommuAssist?

Yes, the driver may remove their hands and feet from the steering wheel and pedals while the system is active. However, the driver must remain focused on the drive and always be ready to disengage the level 2 self-driving mode. The system disengages whenever the driver steps on the brake pedal.

C.     Do I have to pay attention while KommuAssist is engaged?

Yes, the driver must pay full attention to the drive while KommuAssist is active as it is still a Level 2 Self-Driving system where the driver holds responsibility and liability for driving a car.

D.     Is my car compatible with KommuAssist?

We aim to support most Perodua, Proton, Honda and Toyota models in Malaysia. Please check the latest supported vehicle list at https://github.com/kommuai/bukapilot.

E.     Will the car’s original safety features still work after installing KommuAssist?

Yes. The installed hardware will not replace or restrict the functions of the car’s original safety features.

F.     Does installing KommuAssist require permanent modification to the car?

No. The hardware and connectors are plug and play (retrofit), which can be removed easily.

G.     How to update the latest version of BukaPilot?

BukaPilot is currently reposited in GitHub. Users will be notified in their KommuVision device whenever a new version of the software is available for update.

H.     Will the KommuAssist system get long term software and firmware support?

All hardware will continue to receive software and firmware updates for at least 1 year after the launch of the latest generation.

I.     Will my current insurance cover my car with KommuAssist installed?

Contact your car insurer to enquire about the coverage. Insurance coverage is between the user and their insurance provider.

As some cars already have original ADAS and LKAS features, insurance companies are beginning to understand the safety benefits of using such system and we have not been told that cars with KommuAssist installed are rejected for coverage.

J.     Will installing KommuAssist void your car warranty?

No. As KommuAssist is a plug and play (retrofit) system, no wires are cut to intercept your car’s electrical system, hence it will not void your car warranty. Installation of the system only requires the unplugging and plugging of connectors.