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KommuAssist: Combining AI and IoT for a Level 2 Autonomous Driving Solution

Our Story

Passionate in bringing smarter and safer solutions to our community


To bring handsfree driving convenience to drivers with low cost plug and play devices


KommuAssist is the integration of computer vision, AI and IoT to enable L2 autonomous driving features

What is KommuAssist?

Artificial Intelligence

Our technology utilises computer vision to capture road images to be processed with data-trained AI and returns signal to manoeuvre your car.

Internet of Things

Our hardwares are able to perform over-the-air software update whenever we improve our software at https://github.com/kommuai


BukaPilot is built upon an open source driving agent named OpenPilot, which will be supported by Malaysian ourselves. The software enables level 2 autonomous driving functionalities including longitudinal and lateral driver assistance. BukaPilot will be trained upon Malaysia road data; providing a smoother and safer driving experience for everyone in Malaysia.

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